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Michael Bloomberg
Michael Rubens "Mike" Bloomberg (born February 14, 1942) born and raised in Medford, Massachusetts, a suburb of Boston. He is a businessman and the current mayor of New York City. Bloomberg is known for helping make "New York the safest large city in America" according to FBI statistics. He graduated from Johns Hopkins University in 1964 with a BS in electrical engineering and from Harvard University with a Master of Business Administration degree.

When he had finished his MBA in 1966, he was hired by Salomon Brothers to work on Wall Street. He advanced through the ranks and became a partner in 1972. Soon after, he was supervising all of Salomon's stock trading, sales and later, its information systems. He was fired in 1981 after another company acquired Salomon. Bloomberg used the money he gained from the Salomon sale to start his own business. His business was providing information systems to Wall Street. In 1982, Bloomberg L.P. sold 20 subscriptions to its service; 20 years later that figure had multiplied to over 165,000 subscribers worldwide. In 1990 the firm branched out to branched out to the media business launching a news service, and then radio, television, Internet, and publishing operations. Nearly 20 years after its founding, Bloomberg LP now employs more than 8,000 people -- including 2,500 in New York City -- in more than 100 offices worldwide.

$5.0 billion as of 2005.