Gustavo Cisneros - Fortune - Billionaire list

Gustavo Cisneros
Gustavo Cisneros (born in 1946) is a Latin American media king. He is married and has three children. Educated at Babson College, Bachelor of Arts / Science.

Cisneros' $4.6 billion fortune comes from his many media, telecommunications and beverage companies, most notably his large stake Univisión. One of his other major holdings is Venevisión, the main television provider in Venezuela.

At this point, more than 80% of Cisneros' operations are based in the United States.

Cisneros is an advocate of Free Trade Area of the Americas, free trade throughout the entire Western Hemisphere. He hobnobs with U.S. friends such as Jimmy Carter and George H.W. Bush. He and his wife, Patricia, are also major collectors of Latin American art.

$5.0 billion as of 2005.