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Ray Dolby
Ray Dolby (born January 18, 1933) is the American inventor of the sound reduction system known as Dolby Sound. He is the founder and chairman of Dolby Laboratories.

He was born in Oregon and raised in San Francisco. From 1949 to 1952 he worked on various audio and instrumentation projects at Ampex. From 1952 to 57 he was mainly responsible for the development of the electronic aspects of the Ampex video-tape recording system while earning an engineering degree from Stanford. After Ph.D (1961). from Cambridge, became technical advisor for the United Nations in India. Returned to England in 1965 to found Dolby Laboratories. Opened California labs, manufacturing facilities in 1976.

He is married and has 2 children. Education: B.S. in electrical engineering from Stanford University, Ph.D. in physics from Cambridge University.

$1.5 billion as of 2005.