Luciano Benetton - Fortune - Billionaire list

Luciano Benetton
Born on May 13, 1935, Luciano Benetton, chairman of Italian fashion company Benetton, was at the helm of the company for 38 years. Now he's pulling back from the day-to-day activity. Will also keep his luxurious office, decked out in 17th-century ceiling frescoes. Through a holding company, also owns 37% of Autostrade, an operator of nearly two-thirds of Italy's motorways, 67% of Autogrill, a chain of roadside restaurants, and 52% of Four Seasons Hotels putting Luciano at the helm of the worlds largest luxury hotel chain. Son Alessandro has taken an interest in politics and will be running for the senita de Italia in March and son Felix Benetton will be designing the Benetton Flagship store for New York City in early 2006.

$9.9 billion as of 2005.