James Moran - Fortune - Billionaire list

James Moran

Born in 1918 in Chicago, Jim Moran was the son of immigrants. His Irish father came to America after his sister, a maid in Boston, sent him $12 for passage. While working in Chicago, Moran's father met his future wife, an immigrant from Germany whose parents fled to America to escape the Kaiser.

It all started in 1939, when Jim Moran bought a gas station for $360. Moran bought his first dealership franchise in 1945 for $20,000. n 1955, Moran became a major dealer for Ford and renamed his dealership Courtesy Ford.

Acquired Toyota distributorship in 1968; added financing, leasing and insurance for auto dealers. Today Southeast Toyota is world's largest privately held Toyota distributorship. Sales: $7.6 billion. Family's holding company, JM Family Enterprises, now guided by daughter Patricia.

He was a pioneer in the use of television to sell cars. Jim Moran - the "Courtesy Man"-was also the first automobile dealer ever to be featured on the cover of Time Magazine.

Tax evasion conviction 1984. Many lawsuits charged strong-arming dealers; $150 million in settlements. JM Family Enterprises, now guided by daughter Patricia.

Married and has 3 children. Education High School Diploma.

$1.4 billion as of 2005.