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Alexander Shnaider

Alexander Shnaider, billionaire co-founder of Midland Group. Self-made billionaire, made his fortune in the steel industry in eastern Europe.

his $1.4 billion in net worth-comes from trading Ukrainian steel and grabbing control of that country's fourth-largest steel mill, Zaporizhstal. There is also a power grid in Armenia; two hotels, a bakery chain and a meat-packing company in Serbia; small interests in Turkey and Israel; a Russian steel mill in Volgograd; and an ornate office building and casino in Moscow's Arbat pedestrian mall. He is also building Toronto's tallest building with Donald Trump

Shnaider, a married father who has a BA in economics in 1992 from York University, is a Canadian citizen who was born in St. Petersburg, Russia. He and his family moved to Israel and later Toronto in 1982, although he would later return to Europe before settling here in 1997.

$1.4 billion as of 2005.